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Let’s Face It, Government Dictated School Lunches Suck

Michelle Obama’s initiative to dictate what schools can and can’t sell has gone over as well as discovering a pickle in a peanut butter sandwich. Heck, even a Second grader said FLOTUS ruined Taco Tuesday.

Now kids are selling Salt and Pepper in the halls just to cope. No, really. They are.
KEEP READING — SEE THE NC LINK. Continue reading

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Been Spanked? Got Prozac?

Our Nanny Overlords would like you to know that spanking your kid can cause mood disorders or worse. Continue reading

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Dear Nannies Bloomberg and Baldwin

Dear Nannies Bloomberg and Baldwin,

You can kiss my big gulp drinking arse. I’m with Edgar. We have rapidly disappearing liberties in this country – what I eat or drink is none of your business. Period.


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Lunchbox Police Teacher in NC Resigns; DHHS Questioned in Hearing

State lawmakers questioned a N.C. Department of Health and Human Services official at a hearing Tuesday to determine why a Hoke County preschooler’s homemade turkey sandwich was replaced with chicken nuggets. Continue reading

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Lunchbox Police In NC Finally Named

The anonymous school official who was playing Lunchbox Police and dispatching tots lunches at West Hoke Elementary in North Carolina has been named and suspended.

They school seems to be saying they weren’t wrong in following the guidelines by giving her a tray and I don’t see an apology here to the child or the family either. In fact, this looks like the school covering it’s rear and the mom of the child in question is giving the officials a pass by blaming the government. She’s right to blame the government for the intrusion, but giving this teacher and the school a pass? They used zero judgement and played out a scene from “1984”. Continue reading

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Still No I.D. On The Lunchbox Inspector

The over-reach is beyond the pale and the people of NC are clearly not going to sit still any longer for any more of this Orwellian control-freak garbage. This isn’t China. Someone make sure they tweet this to @TruthTeam2012 or #AttackWatch. We need to make sure our overlords realize they have a rebellion on their hands. Continue reading

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The Lunchbox Police

We send out kids to be educated. We send them to be engaged with children their own age, to learn and to experience a variety of things. We do not send them to school to experience the Lunchroom Third Reich. The over-reach of government has expanded to the point of absurdity, with it now weaving its tentacles into the stomachs of our children. Enough is enough. I take this VERY personally. Had that been my child, rest assured this article and this incident would be national news overnight. Continue reading

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