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Sen. Tillman On Opportunity Scholarships – Watch Out For Muslim Schools?

What the parents think is right for their child? Not really a factor for the Senator, apparently.

His main focus seems to be on “Muslim schools”. He stopped short of calling them “Schools of Terror” like NC Superintendent June Atkinson did.

Someone ask the Senator how many of those “Muslim schools” there are in North Carolina and whether those parents should be able to decide as to which school their kids go to learn. Here’s a hint – you can probably county them on your fingers.

By the way, here’s the law regulating private schools. There are plenty of regulations in place.

From Sen. Tillman’s weekly newsletter:

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Obama: Hope for our enemies via Change for America

Obama has successfully made this country watch one hand while with the other he creates discord and meddles with the very fabric of this country.  I have been of the opinion for some time now that everything he does is … Continue reading

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ROPAT vs An American Patriot

According to GZ Victory Mosque Imam Rauf, the United States is a Sharia Compliant State: Here is an example of why the United States will NEVER become a Sharia State:  

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Islamophobe? Nope. Truth-o-phile.

I am not a bigot, racist, anti-Semite, Islamophobe (the new term Libs are adopting for those of us who dare to be appalled at the GZ Victory mosque/Cordoba Initiative) or any other such term with discriminatory tones. I do not … Continue reading

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One Religion To Rule Them All?

This entry represents both personal views and factual information on Islam. Take nothing you read these days at face value, but instead do your own research. Hopefully, this entry will give you a place to start. I am certain I … Continue reading

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Sharia4America Postpones Event

Yesterday I blogged about the website called Shariah4America, a site dedicated to forcing Shariah on the United States run by Imam Anjem Choudry – a known terrorist supporter and general agitator. This guy had planned a protest outside the White House for … Continue reading

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What you don’t know might kill you

What you don’t know about Islam and Sharia Law might just get you killed or at least maimed. Sharia Law. We’ve been hearing a lot about it lately with the controversy surrounding the Ground Zero Victory mosque reaching fever pitch … Continue reading

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