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Who Runs #NCSen Bartertown? Moveon.org

With the latest news that Moveon.Org has suddenly endorsed Kay Hagan after she recently re-affirmed her support of Obamacare — the President’s signature law which caused over 300,000 North Carolinians to lose their policies and spiked rates across the state, I can’t help but think of Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome right now.

Who runs Bartertown? MoveOn.org runs bartertown! Continue reading

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Kay’s Campaign Of Hate

Gone Are The Days Of Running On Accomplishments

Some of us saw the emails that came out of the Obama campaign and the DCCC in 2012. The ones that played upon hate and fear using a stack of falsehoods and in some cases, outright lies. Emails that were designed with one purpose of frightening people into funding the Democrats. Well, it’s campaign time again and NC’s Kay Hagan isn’t just taking a page out of that book of fear and hate, she’s using it as a how-to guide. Continue reading

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What I Saw at the MoveOn.Org Protest

The following blog contains a series of compiled video I shot at the MoveOn.org protest in Raleigh, NC on February 26th, 2011. News of this protest arrived on my wall on Facebook the night before. Alerts went out from a … Continue reading

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