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Occupy Oakland Marks 2nd Anniversary

Quick Take from yesterday I meant to mention, Occupy Oakland held a 2 year anniversary rally. NBC Bay Area:

To mark the day, about 100 protesters rallied around the Marriott Hotel in downtown, where law enforcement agencies across the country were meeting as part of “Urban Shield” training exercises. First responders and police will learn how to react in the wake of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.

And vendors are expected to market weapons to law enforcement, which is one of the reasons demonstrators are upset.

Protesters say they targeted this spot because they feel police are becoming too “military-like.” They point to Scott Olsen as a flashpoint for the worst that can happen during a civil rights protest. The Iraq War veteran’s skull was fractured during a 2011 Occupy protest with Oakland police when a beanbag was fired into his head.

They feel ‘targeted’? Well, DUH? Given the violence out of Occupy Oakland, that shouldn’t be a shock. In fact Oakland was seen as one of the most violent camps there was and cost the city over $3 million dollars. Oakland even had a murder occur at their camp. The fact they are still using Olsen as the poster boy without displaying the other side of him is not surprising. Mostly Peaceful, right?


Three Mostly Peaceful Occupy Oakland Cretins Charged With Hate Crimes

Occupy Oakland Protesters Arrested For Possessing Homemade Bomb

Occupy Oakland’s “F*ck The Fourth/Police” Frenzy: “Kill Cops” Vandalism Continue reading

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This Is What Democrazy Looks Like (7/30/12)

Update and Link Dump for 7-29-12: 19 Deaths, costing us $41,243,827* and 7,370 arrests – including indictments on terrorism charges….see what else the occu-miscreants have been up to. Continue reading

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This Is What Democrazy Looks Like (6/24/12)

The cost? Estimated $41,243,827*
The Arrests? 7,308
The DEATHS? 19
But the Tea Party are the terrorists. Right. Continue reading

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