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#MoralMarch Recap

So, the NC NAACP held their ‘grassroots’ Moral March – which was really just the annual HK on J (Historic Thousands on Jones St) with a bunch of groups bused in to make more noise. The main protest point, among the laundry list presented, was voter ID.

@organizerx lve #MoralMarch is about to begin 1000’s here http://t.co/S3AzUexZnB pic.twitter.com/xpRqIUAenQ #MoralMonday #F8 #8F

— #StopChildAbuse (@KatG4) February 8, 2014

Hilarious since the Do’s and Don’t list disseminated to potential marchers by the NC NAACP included telling them to bring Photo ID with them:

#MoralMarch will protest NC’s new “racist” #VoterID, but you’re req’d to bring photo ID to the march. #ncpol pic.twitter.com/w14mzejdSn — Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) February 8, 2014

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