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Mooresville Superintendent Leaves District for Discovery Education

After nine years as Superintendent of Mooresville Graded school district, Dr. Mark Edwards is departing for a vice president position with Discovery Education according to a press release by the company.

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Are NC Schools providing guidance and appropriate role models? – #HB2 #ncga

Get your coffee. Sit down. This is going to be a long but necessary article.

Social Justice FactoriesUntil parents stand up and push back, the infusion of social justice BS and indoctrination will continue to crowd out actual academics in our schools. I believe this plays a major role of why school choice, in particular, homeschooling, is booming.
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More About “Project RED” And NC Ties

This past week, we posted a guest article called “Do You Know RED?” which went into detail about the Pearson Foundation project. In it, there was mention of Superintendent Edwards, from Mooresville.

This entry is a little more detail on Mr. Mark Edwards to add to the prior story. A reader who read “Do You Know RED” reached out to me and provided some more information. Below is what they sent to me and it is interesting – Mr. Edwards has extensive Pearson ties.

Quick reminder, Mr. Edwards has a really nice contract loaded with perks paid for by the NC taxpayers. Read the entire contract here.
Below are their comments to me, unedited except for formatting to suit the blog set-up. Follow the links provided, they are illuminating. The last one in the list especially which highlights his Vice Presidency at a testing company and his book had a forward in it from Common Core pushing Jeb Bush. Continue reading

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Common Core Is Not The Right Tool

Over at the Mooresville Tribune, the headline reads, Repealing Common Core will harm our students. Nice theatrical title. No, keeping Common Core will continue the harm to our students. The article is mercifully short, so go read it. It’s by Nancy Gardner.

You remember Nancy, right? She’s the Mooresville High school English teacher who showed up at the Common Core Legislative Research Committee and cheerleaded for the standards at the public comments forum. Refresh your memory and watch her speech here. Gardner makes sure to hit every talking point she can in it and manages to contradict herself a few times. See if you spot it.

Of note in the video clip, she says outright at the start that she works with the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ). Why is that important? They’ve received more than $6.3 million from the Gates Foundation since 2010 for Common Core and “virtual” related projects. CTQ has been a hub for implementing Common Core in NC.
Back to that Op-Ed

My favorite line of Gardner’s Op-Ed was this one: Continue reading

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