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Let’s Face It, Government Dictated School Lunches Suck

Michelle Obama’s initiative to dictate what schools can and can’t sell has gone over as well as discovering a pickle in a peanut butter sandwich. Heck, even a Second grader said FLOTUS ruined Taco Tuesday.

Now kids are selling Salt and Pepper in the halls just to cope. No, really. They are.
KEEP READING — SEE THE NC LINK. Continue reading

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A message from the High Priestess of The Food Desert…

And now a message from our High Priestess of The Food Desert… Taste the hypocrisy of my “Competitive Food”:

Cookie champ: Michelle wins bake-off over Ann

Slim margin there, Michelle. Interesting to note our High Priestess used only black and white chips, whereas Ann Romney used a wide array of colors with M&M’s.

(H/T Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit) Continue reading

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You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still “mom-in-chief.” – Michelle Obama, DNC Speech 2012

Mom-in-chief? NANNY-in-Chief is more like it, or possibly Secretary of Busy Bodies, Director of Meddling or Commander-in-Boob Belts.

But I digress already… sigh.

Let me start out by saying I did not watch it live. I refused to waste my time last night when reading to my kids and catching up on sleep were the better options. I caught parts of it and read the transcript this morning. Her speech summed up in a word: MEH. It was too long, her sincerity was laughable – the inflections sounding just like any other stump speech she has given. It was trite and packed with the most gag inducing lies. The best part of it was her dress, for once. Continue reading

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The Sweet And Creamy Lie

Obama bought a sundae for someone. How sweet. He had one too? Well, you’re busted. Michelle will totally see this now. Continue reading

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I Like Pie

Let Me Eat Pie!
The rest of you, not so much.

Fresh on the heels of locking Disney into one of her Food Police cells, the First Hamburglar is off to have some pie. The rest of us can eat our carrots. Dressed like a bag of bulging cotton candy, she was hard to miss although I am sure some tried. Continue reading

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Cringe-worthy Mooch

Their party and union pals go down in flames in Wisconsin and she’s out doing Letterman’s top 10 list in yet another ugly dress. Figures. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

I think most people around like to get more of something for less money. We like getting the most bang for our buck. We love buy one get one free sales. We love coupons and discount houses. We like getting big portions when we eat out because we can take home what we don’t finish – we feel like we got our money’s worth.

Well, over the last three years, our More for Less love affair has been under attack. The latest casualty? The King-sized Snickers Bar. I know, you’re probably as torn up as I am. What road trip would be complete without swinging into a gas station to grab a King-sized Snickers because you’re in the middle of nowhere with not a restaurant in sight? Continue reading

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