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Sick of Monika Johnson-Hostler on the #WCPSS Board? Here’s Your Option.

More folks are getting into the Wake County Public School’s Board race.

Gil Pagan (pronounce pah-gahn) has jumped in to challenge Jim Martin. Now former teachers Sheila Ellis has entered the race to challenge Monika Johnson-Hostler.

Before you get excited, read a little. Continue reading

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More Empty Attacks From A Wake Cty School Board Member

The Wake County School Board loves their Common Core. Just ignore Common Core is a fundamentally flawed experiment that is proving to be a bigger and bigger train wreck with each passing day. Wake County School Board members continue to make statements attacking the public, mainly parents, who oppose Common Core. It’s not Bill “clueless on Core” Fletcher this time. It’s the newbie board member, Monika Johnson-Hostler.

More Proof the Wake County school board doesn’t represent the people. Johnson-Hostler defends Common Core http://t.co/SxMwy9t8Ob #nced #wake

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 17, 2014

You remember Ms. Johnson-Hostler? The candidate with the messy personal finances backed by big PAC money and tied to Great Schools in Wake Coalition?
She apparently is just getting the “politicizing” attack strategy memo or perhaps the Board members are just taking turns so there is continued repetition of the theme. I find these kind of statements coming out of a woman sitting on the board of one of the largest school districts to be really scary. Excerpts below are from the News and Observer on 7/16/14. Continue reading

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Wake School Board District 2 Race – Debt & Tax Issues

It appears that Wake County School Board Candidate for District 2, Monika Johnson Hostler hasn’t been up front with voters. Hostler failed to disclose her debt issues totaling close to $18,000, delinquency in property taxes and her past opinion in the Crystal Mangum/Duke Lacrosse Team case. Continue reading

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