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MORE Controversial Reading Assignments In NC…and Beyond

Over the last six months, I’ve covered the controversial reading assignment of One Crazy Summer dealing with the Black Panthers given to 4th graders in a Wake County school and another one involving The Kite Runner in Buncombe county.

It’s Orange County’s turn.

The book, King and King, deals with homosexuality is being read to 3rd graders. For those without kids, 3rd graders are typically 8 and 9 year old kids.

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MO Ed Commissioner, Governor Sued By Citizens Over Common Core SBAC Test Funds

This article is crossposted at StopCommonCoreNC.org

Fred N. Sauer of Missouri is suing Governor Jay Nixon and other state officials over the $4.3 million paid to Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) in relation to the Common Core State Standards tests.

The editors of Missouri Education Watchdog have joined the suit as plaintiffs. The main points of the suit are the challenging of the use of taxpayer money for the SBAC, that the SBAC is an unconstitutional interstate compact and that Governor Nixon and Commissioner Nicastro’s conduct violated federal and state statutes. Nicastro announced her retirement just this past week.

Via Missouri Education Watchdog:

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Common Core Aligned: WorkKeys

Common Core is not ‘just a set of standards’. That statement is one of the bigger lies perpetrated by the supporters of the Core. The ultimate goal is to align everything from materials to books, apps to tests and yes, the means of entry into the workforce.
Common Core, arguably, is lends itself to reinforcing the ‘cradle to grave’ tracking and funneling of your child and their potential. As I was thinking about writing this article, I couldn’t help but make a comparison of what is happening with this kind of tracking and a book I’ve recently read, Divergent. Kids are placed in one of five given classes of society based on what a test tells them is their best match. If your text doesn’t given conclusive results, you’re considered Divergent.


Are our children currently being funneled into one career or another based on often poorly designed tests? We have multiple tests for kids across multiple grades, multiple entry tests for colleges as well. How long until it’s pared down to just a few tests? Tests aimed at becoming some kind of workforce sorting mechanism are not a thing of the future. They’re here now. Those of us standing up and pointing it out? Are we Divergent?


The following article is going to get a bit involved. There is an article I am going to refer back to. It is essential one reads and comprehends this article before reading what I have to add to it. Please read Missouri Education Watchdog’s Public Education as Workforce Training. Is WorkKeys in Your State. Continue reading

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