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Military Leaders, Mission Readiness Is Back Pushing Common Core

In case you missed it, Mission: Readiness and North Carolina military leaders are back out pushing Common Core again.

Excerpt from the FayObserver:

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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When You’re Losing Bring Out The Military?

The headline at the Greenfield Reporter reads, “Military generals gather to support common core standards for public schools”.

Once you’re done rolling your eyes. Stop and listen.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of nails of Common Core supporters raking the chalkboard in a vain attempt to reclaim their carefully crafted narratives.

Political junkies know that in politics, which is what pro-Core people are making the fight about, when you are going down you bring in your military and police supporter to praise you. There’s more to it than that however. We’ve seen how the Chambers of Commerce have been brought in, this is their call for reinforcements so to speak. There’s more to it than meets the eye. Keep reading. Continue reading

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