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Voter Fraud IS Voter Suppression

Today’s article from WWNC’s Pete Kaliner rebutting Voter ID talking points from Democrats and the Left was a thing of beauty. In a nutshell: Succinct.

It would be hard to pick a favorite part, but this might be it:

CLAIM: “Ok, so there’s ONE case. But it’s not widespread.”

RESPONSE: We actually have no idea how widespread it is. The story I posted above is from October 2012. However, the attempted fraud occurred a year prior. Look how long it took to investigate and prosecute a case involving an elected official in a race decided by three votes. Simply put, resources are not devoted to investigating and prosecuting voter fraud. It’s hard to find what you’re not even looking for.

This is the same argument I made against WRAL and their use of Moral Monday arrestees as proof the crowds were made of in-state residents. We now know that clearly was not the case, but the argument is convenient and tidy. Continue reading

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#BlogConCLT – Back and Fired Up!


I’ve just gotten back from Charlotte this afternoon and am collecting my various notes, cards and thoughts about BlogConCLT. What an incredible experience. So much knowledge shared there that I am almost overwhelmed. I met quite a few folks and would like to thank them all for their time and for talking with me. A big shout out to Tabitha Hale — Holy cow, that was a very impressive event. You are a force of nature! Continue reading

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