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NCGA Dem Senator’s Aide Goes On Bigoted Rant

The News and Observer ran an article on May 10th entitled, Sen. Phil Berger, self-made and self-certain, is likely the most powerful politician in NC. The article profiled the Senator and highlighted his background and rise as Senate President Pro Tem. The article itself isn’t what caught people’s eye, but a rather inappropriate and at times bigoted rant in the comments by an aide to another NC General Assembly Senator.
That aide is Vicki Spears and she’s the legislative assistant to Senator Michael Walters, who serves the 13th district.

Below are the comments she made on the above mentioned article. In them, Ms. Spears calls Republicans ‘ignorant’, ‘evil’, ‘racist’ and lauds North Carolina as a ‘progressive’ state. She even throws in some Koch brothers at the end as proof of outside spending. Clearly, Ms. Spears is unaware of the barrels of Democrat Dark Money pouring in for Kay Hagan. Ms. Spears also launches an assault on another commenter with the line, “You must be a white old man like the idiot repubs in public office.”
Charming. Continue reading

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