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Reminder: Hagan Cut Medicare

Kay Hagan’s memory must be slipping in her bid to support and run on Obamacare. Her latest email fundraiser calls for people to sign a petition to protect Medicare:

“Medicare was created almost 49 years ago so that seniors would never have to choose between going to the doctor’s office or going to the grocery store, paying for their prescriptions or paying for their housing…Today, I’m joining with some of my Senate colleagues to urge action to protect Medicare. If you’re on our side, sign the petition today.”

Kay forgets she voted cut Medicare in order to pay for her beloved Obamacare. TWICE. Continue reading

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Over at NiceDeb, I found this cartoon by Ramirez from Investors Business Daily:


That cartoon is spot on. Nice find Deb! She also has the RNC ad on the same topic titled “Achievement”. Also, see this video of Paul Ryan talking about the $716 billion.

Fact: Obama did raid Medicare to the tune of $716 Billion to pay for his precious nation killing tax commonly known as Obamacare. This is Obama’s M.O. — stealing from one program to pay for another; just like he short-changed Social Security and raided food stamps for his wife’s program “Let’s Move”.

The Left will fight that fact and outright lie about it, just like Juan Williams tried to, but Charles Krauthammer didn’t let him get away with it:

[VIDEO] Continue reading

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