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What If They Threw A People’s Grand Jury And No One Came

Moral Monday threw a “people’s grand jury” yesterday.

So, this happened yesterday. Local media didn’t even cover it from what I can find. YAWN. #GoingOutLikeOccupy pic.twitter.com/hoYxWJwIrA

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 3, 2015

Looks like no one came, not much in the way of local media. Well, maybe one media outlet outside of Moral Monday’s official Media — WRAL, who had a live stream of the charade: Continue reading

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Hagan Grabs A Shovel To Dig Her Own Grave

Kay Hagan has been running from her Obamacare record for the better part of a year now. No comment in the media, dodging her constituents — Even when the President himself came to town, Hagan was nowhere to be found. Hagan was even so desperate and Obamacare so toxic, that she tried to tag her current opponent as having liked the idea of Obamacare in the past. How’d that tactic work out for ya, Kay?

It’s true. Obamacare is toxic. Obamacare is killing Democrats nation wide, Hagan is no different with over 300,000 canceled policies in North Carolina. Political career tombstones are lining up as November approaches. Each with a ‘R.I.P – Obamacare Democrat’ written on them.

Now, Hagan is grabbing the shovel and helping to dig her own grave… Continue reading

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McCory on NC Spin: Medicaid, Unemployment and Common Core

Governor McCrory was on NCspin recently. The conversation covered a number of topics from unemployment to medicaid to education.

McCrory opened up the conversation by stating that when he came in North Carolina was in a crisis with the 3rd largest unemployment rate in the country, NC owed the federal government $2.6 billion due to unemployment and over-runs on medicaid were over $500 million. He also added NC was in the top 5 for unemployment and a year later, we are not even in the top 25. Moral Monday slamming NC as having “regressive policies” for business clearly taking a hit. Continue reading

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