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#Benghazi: Lies, Lies and More Damned Lies

The lies over Libya and Benghazi are emulating Tribbles. The media is now in full spin mode looking for any moving target they can to cover their beloved Obama’s backside.  The Petraeus affair has reached movie of the week proportions, … Continue reading

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#Benghazi, Petraeus: Who Knew and When

Unlike the drip-drip-drip with Benaghazi, the media has turned the spigot on full blast with the Broadwell-Petraeus affair. CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and FOX all displayed the affair as their top story this morning. Benghazi? Not so much.  It would … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (9/26/12)

Site of the Day: DC Trawler | The Daily Caller
LL 1885′s Picks:

Instapundit: TWO ‘BAMS IN ONE: President under whom anti-Mohammed YouTube director was called in for midnight questioning tells hosts of The View, “The best way to marginalize that kind of speech is to ignore it.”
Yes, but they don’t want to get reamed like CNN: YOO-HOO, ANTIQUE MEDIA: You figured out yet that everything the White House told you about Benghazi was a lie?
Yes: Cover Up?: FBI Not Yet In Benghazi-State Department Wont Talk more: U.S. post in Benghazi had less than standard security before attack
President 1% really: The 10% President
Sweet words from a Hillary Aide: State Department Meltdown
Respect it!: Pentagon orders Islamic sensitivity training for U.S. troops after Afghans murder them

Obama’s Talk Show Addiction vs Doing his Job links:

Obama Skirts Another Executive Duty To Pander to ‘The View’
For Obama, diplomacy gets back seat to campaign
CNN: Obama looks foolish on The View while Clinton meeting with world leaders
EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: President Obama’s September Scrapbook

Must Reads Of The Day:

#NARRATIVEFAIL: Obama: ‘No doubt’ attack on US Consulate in Libya was terrorism…
Video: potus speech to 67th un general assembly 2012
Remarks by the President to the United Nations General Assembly (text)

Election 2012:

Why Isn’t Romney Up Ten Points?
Two Democratic pollsters confirm major polls skewed against Mitt Romney
Axelrod to Fundraise for Dem Who Linked Giffords Shooting with Tea Party
Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett was source for inflated Obama crowd numbers in Wisconsin
Continue reading

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