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This Is What Democrazy Looks Like: May Day Edition

This is a special edition of Democrazy to recap the May Day (or as I call it Meh Day) activities of the “mostly peaceful” occupiers. It may be updated after publishing as I come across more to add or links are sent to me. Continue reading

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Meh Day Updates and Links

It’s May Day!!!
(Pronounced: “Meh” Day)

Much like the over-hyped “Day of Rage” which turned out to be more a day of mild irritation, Meh Day is looking to shape up about the same. My money is on the evening hours being filled with most of the property damage, flaming objects and taunting of police.

This post will serve as an updating list of links to all the stupidity, hilarity, arrests, property destruction, pooping, flashing and name calling we’ve come to expect from occupy. Continue reading

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Occupy May Day

MAY DAY That’s tomorrow folks. I completely expect a ton of arrests of occupiers and their union co-opting astroturf. Remember, this is just a kick off party to them. The real throw-down will be in Chicago during the NATO G8 … Continue reading

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