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The Rise of the #HB2Liars [Updated]

The NC campaign to paint HB 2 as discriminating against veterans, disabled persons, LGBT individuals and even pregnant women, has begun.

None of these claims are even remotely true. But that doesn’t matter. This is the narrative.

Stop taking this crap. Start calling out the #HB2Liars to their faces. Continue reading

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Obama: Give Me More Time (again).

It’s getting really tiring listening to more lies. Manipulating the BLS data and ignoring the millions that have dropped out of the workforce and label it as ‘growth’ is terribly insulting. Continue reading

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Hey Buffett – You first.

Please stop your condescending, transparent gimmicks and just pay your outstanding taxes. You look like an ass. If you want to pay more be our guest, but stop shoveling that crap about the wealthy do not pay enough and should pay more. Continue reading

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One Religion To Rule Them All?

This entry represents both personal views and factual information on Islam. Take nothing you read these days at face value, but instead do your own research. Hopefully, this entry will give you a place to start. I am certain I … Continue reading

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