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More Social Justice Activism In Our Schools: Day of Silence

On April 15th, GLSEN will be holding their annual Day of Silence. This event is supposed to target youth and take place in our schools.

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Bless Their Tolerant Heart – #hb2

Disagree with the tolerant LGBT and be treated to a dazzling display of hypocrisy and bullying. Continue reading

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Free Speech Wins Out In New Hanover

Over the last week or so, LGBT activists took aim at New Hanover County School Board member, Tammy Covil. She dared to express an opinion in a closed Facebook group and comments on a related topic, which were on her own Facebook page.

I know, the horror…right? Continue reading

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Tolerant LGBT Supporters Suggest Board Member Should Have Date With Wire Hanger

No one is allowed to have an opinion that makes the LGBT activist Gods angry.

Hey, you –commenting in a closed Facebook group… Tolerate our intolerance and shut up, they explained. Continue reading

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The Adam Smith Apology Video

The Chik-Fil-A Drive Thru abuser, Adam Smith, decided perhaps Rachel was owed an apology. The first half of the video is an apology, the second half (beyond the 3:55 mark) is about explaining why he did the video. (KEEP READING) Continue reading

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Occupy The Marriage License Office (Video)

Campaign for Southern Equality eh? Oh good, here come the protests and arrests. Never heard of them before or seen one arrested until now and the law banning gay marriage in NC has been around a long time. Hey, they’ve got some equality – they can be arrested just like everyone else.

Video from their page promoting civil disobedience: Continue reading

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