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Controversial NC Student Health Assessment Form Was Quietly Rewritten

Last year parents were outraged to find out that the health assessment form required for entry into Kindergarten in North Carolina schools was being expanded to students of any age or grade level entering the system.

Parents were further outraged when they realized what the form actually asked for. Overly intrusive questions beyond what the law requires were on the form.

Questions included assessing whether or not a child had normal or abnormal genitals is just one example. Other inappropriate topic areas covered included asking if your baby was “full-term” and the form also asked about “trauma”, “family stress” and about your child’s personal/social development. Continue reading

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Health Form Created By NC DPI, DHHS Goes ‘Far beyond’ What NC Law Requires

As previously mentioned on this blog, Parents with children entering North Carolina Public Schools for Kindergarten (as well as those entering schools for the first time for any grade) in the state will be required to fill out an invasive “health assessment” form.

Currently, House Bill 13 proposes to make this health assessment part of a child’s permanent record. It will be included in the state longitudinal database system, of which another bill (HB 401) will make that data accessible by multiple state agencies.

Lindalyn Kakadelis, over at John Locke, has posted an an article talking about this exact health assessment. In her article, she chronicles how her own daughter went to enroll her child into Kindergarten and had to deal with this form.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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See The 16 Wake County Elementary Schools Participating in Duke Program Pilot

Sixteen Wake County Elementary schools will be participating in a Duke University tied pilot program called “Nurturing For A Bright Future”. This program is related to the American Association for Gifted Children at Duke University and is part of the ‘Bright Idea 2’ program.

The sixteen elementary schools are:

Banks Road
Creech Road
Forest Pines
Forestville Road
Holly Ridge
Walnut Creek
Through a Freedom of Information request, I was able to obtain details on the program. Part of the response I received from Wake County Schools included the following details:


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Your Kindergartener Has Become A Guinea Pig

ACT, the same group that does the college entrance exam and of which I wrote about their multi-grade job assessments that begin in 8th grade apparently will be developing assessments for Kindergarteners. Via Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — A new digital tool to test academic and behavioral skills will target students starting in kindergarten.

ACT, the organization that developed the ACT college-entrance exam, will start testing the tool in the fall. It will be available to schools starting in 2014.The tool tracks students’ career interests, academic performance and progress toward goals. It’s designed to follow students from kindergarten through high school.

Jon Erickson, president of ACT’s education division, said the goal is to identify and address gaps in skills needed for college and the workforce. The assessment combines traditional testing with teacher-led projects to generate an instant, digital score.

It’s a multimillion dollar project, ACT officials said, but will be affordable and easily accessible.

Schools won’t be compelled to use the new tool, but Erickson said he anticipates that entire states or groups of states will choose to utilize it. The tool can be customized to include state-specific benchmarks and other performance measures.

In the testing and educrat world, where data is God, it seems perfectly normal to start testing, poking and prodding a child of 5. Most 30-year-olds don’t know what they want to do for a career, here we are testing 5 year olds like they hold the key to cracking future job selection. Pidgeon-holing our kids. That’s what we’re ultimately doing here.

Here are a few reminders related to this turn of events with ACT. Continue reading

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The Assessment Of Your Kindergartener

Common Core has been consuming a lot of my time lately on the blog, but a reader dropped something in my inbox I had not looked into before: The North Carolina Read To Achieve Kindergarten Entry Process. It is also known as the KEA, or Kindergarten Entry Assessment.

It would appear from my research that the North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction’s (NC DPI) plans to fully implement the KEA in the 2014-2015 school year.

View the KEA document at NC DPI here or on my Scribd repository here.
Visit the NC DPI Read to Achieve page here.
This program stems from the Race To The Top – Early Learning Challenge (RTT-ELC) grant. This grant, like the Race to The Top grant tied to Common Core, was also funded by the Obama administration’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), otherwise known as the ‘Stimulus’. North Carolina won $69.9 million from this grant in 2011: Continue reading

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