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The Morning Links (5/7/12)

Chart of the Day: The Scariest Jobs Chart — By Far (And You Haven’t Seen It Before)

President Zero: People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981

Hope & Change: Unemployment Rate Dips 0.1% As Workforce Participation Rate Rises 0.2%

Gutsy call eh?: General – Obama Knew Bin Laden Hideout Since Summer 2010

Fast and Furious: DoJ-supplied guns used in Mexican lawyer’s murder

Krauthammer: Divider in chief

More scandal: GSA accused of charging contractors ‘kickbacks’

Another Treacher Win: Keystone pipeline controversy returns to dog Obama

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Obama Resumes Funding Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

Obama is taking a pounding on gas prices and has announced intentions to allow more drilling and fast track an oil pipeline. He’s even rubbernecking on the Keystone Pipeline. These moves do not come without a cost and per usual, I am watching his other hand – there must be someone to blame at the end of the day for him. In that regard, three columns and their headlines stuck out to me today: Continue reading

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The Morning Links (3/12/12)

The Links are many, my usual commentary is withheld today. Please also hit the bottom of the blog and click on the Zilla Logo. She’s really struggling. Anything you can do helps. Check out what I posted over the weekend: … Continue reading

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