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While KY Lawmakers Move To Dump Common Core, NC’s Governor Tries To Cement It

The first state to adopt Common Core has legislators now filing a bill to drop the standards. WCPO reported: FRANKFORT, Ky. — Majority Republicans in the Kentucky Senate have introduced legislation that would dismantle the state’s Common Core education standards. … Continue reading

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Heartland Article: Kentucky City Goes Bust Due to Land Dispute Lawsuit

The article, Kentucky City Goes Bust Due to Land Dispute Lawsuit, originally appeared at Heartland Fiscal Times on November 4

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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On ACT Test Results… I Told You So. – #nced #stopcc

In early September, I reported on North Carolina’s ACT scores. They were dismal. They were especially dismal for North Carolina minority students.
A recent article at Breitbart by Dr. Berry highlights just how bad these ACT scores are – particularly for Minorities. Sense a theme here? Continue reading

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