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Another Reason Kay Is Wrong For NC: Common Core

If you’ve been on Twitter, you’ve likely seen Kay Hagan’s timeline in the past few days promoting teachers. That’s great in and of itself, teachers should be promoted. However, Hagan’s choice of guest for the State of the Union address was a teacher who just loves the hotly debated and increasingly loathed Common Core. That teacher was 2013-2014 Teacher of The Year, Karyn Dickerson.

As Teacher of the Year, Dickerson has supported the Common Core State Standards, which have been adopted by North Carolina and most other states. She has also called for more innovation in education to better prepare students for the future workforce. – News and Record

Teacher of the Year is pretty much known as a politically charged popularity contest in North Carolina. That assessment is not without merit, especially in this case given Ms. Dickerson made comments at a far Left Moral Monday rally. It’s folks like this who are questioning why we are dropping an experimental set of standards. I think NC should be more worried about replacing these folks. That includes Kay Hagan. Continue reading

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#CommonCore Commenter Is Moral Monday Participant

Yesterday was the public comment portion of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core study committee meetings. About 60 people spoke, 39 of which were in opposition to Common Core. The other 20 speaking in favor came from special interest groups, the NC Chamber of Commerce, the NCAE and education related professionals. It amounted to ‘experts’ versus parents:

All pro #CommonCore mesgs at #NCGA today had same underlying theme: We’re the experts, pay no attn to the parents WITNESSING the trainwreck

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 20, 2014

One of the Pro-Common Core speakers sticks out a bit and is the recipient of NC Teacher of the Year award. Ms. Dickerson is also a Moral Monday participant and towed the cripple, slam eviscerate line. Continue reading

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