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What They’re Saying About Education In NC (8/12/15) – #NCed

Here are some quick hits on what’s going on in Education in North Carolina. Continue reading

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NC Public Schools Forum Hosting ‘Key Education Issues’ Breakfast

NC Spin is apparently doing a live taping of this event and the line-up including Academic Standards Review Commission Co-Chair, Andre Peek. Also in the mix are Rep. Horn and John Hood of John Locke Foundation, both of whom are involved with BEST NC’s “2020 Vision Initiative”.

Parents who can attend this should do so.

See below.

2015 Eggs & Issues Breakfast

Hosted by NC Public Schools Forum

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Have You Read John Hood’s Latest Education Article?

Have you read John Hood’s latest article on Education?


I didn’t intend to pick a fight with this article, but I guess I might have. I’ll say that this frustration here isn’t rooted in actions by Democrats, but by those considered allies until now.

It is getting very tiresome for conservatives in North Carolina to have a super-majority in this state, yet be constantly fishing knives out of our backs. Continue reading

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NC EOC’s Show Less Than 1% Improvement

The North Carolina End of Course (EOC) or End of Grade (EOG) results have been reported. The media has done it’s best to ignore that the scoring system was changed from last year to this year, making comparison of the scores impossible.

Remember, the scores for the first year under Common Core were at horrifying 37.3% drop state-wide. Factor in the hot mess that Read To Achieve is becoming and one can see why they wanted to pad the scoring system.

Related Read: NC State Superintendent Spins Changing Testing Scoring System (Video)

Lindalyn Kakadelis of John Locke Foundation has dug into the scores and cobbled together a comparison as best as can be done, given the way the scoring was changed. Kakadelis looks at the overall 3rd through 8th grade reading and math scores. The changes in achievement levels went from a scale of four to a scale of five this year. Even with the change, the scores in reading and math only improved .8%. Hooray for high reaching Common Core?

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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All Due Respect, Common Core Has To Go

Of course everyone wants high standards. This is why we oppose Common Core.
“The biggest fallacy of the Common Core standards is that they have been sold to the nation without any evidence that they will accomplish what their boosters claim.” – Diane Ravitch

All due respect to John Locke Foundation’s President, John Hood, but his latest article on Common Core is really a rather depressing pat on the back to the English Language standards and likely setting ablaze the hair of parents like me reading it. The rest of the article kind of hangs on this premise in this paragraph: Continue reading

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