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Former Gov Perdue Continues Digital Learning Push Despite Research Warnings

Former North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue is on the move again via her education non-profit, DigiLearn.
Digital Learning is all the woman who helped cement Common Core into our state can talk about. Continue reading

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The New Jim Hunt?

The Education Legislator?

“Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union) is the education legislator. It’s an odd moniker considering he only moved to the state in 2005, has no education background and didn’t even start out focused on the subject.” Continue reading

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AIM HIGHER NC Refuses To Name Backers

A website containing a letter urging people to sign a petition to raise teacher pay was pushed yesterday in Charlotte. The website is for a nonprofit group called Aim Higher NC. Ann Helms of the Your Schools blog on the Charlotte Observer notes there isn’t much information as to who this group is or who funds them. A little digging found a Raleigh Tax lawyer filed their incorporation paperwork and a participant in the events has ties to Organize2020, the protest arm of the NCAE that made a stir with their union promoting website and protest propaganda flyer sent home with kids in November of 2013. Continue reading

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