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The Smart Diplomacy of Carter 2.0

Let’s kick this off with one to the jewels. I found Obama working on his foreign policy in Libya: For America has a video out that caught my eye after seeing Jimmy Carter himself correct our feckless leader about Egypt: … Continue reading

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“Sharia is coming, Baby!”

Over at Creeping Sharia, they have a video posted that is required viewing for anyone doubting that Dearborn is our ground zero for Islamofascism. Creeping also posts some links to the growth of the Muslim population and increase in Mosques since 9/11. Here is the video: Continue reading

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The Continued White House White Wash

I’m surprised they didn’t try to call it “Workplace Violence”.

This administration has proven time and again it wants to white wash and sanitize any Islamic terrorist threats in this country. The political correctness being thrust down our throats and those trained to protect this country by this administration is more than alarming. Continue reading

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WordPress.Com Caves to CAIR: Shuts down BNI Page (UPDATED)


BNI is back up temporarily on WordPress. They have denied CAIR was behind it, but I believe that as much as I believe in Oceanfront property in Kansas. BNI has an eviction date of January 6th. After that they will be located at BareNakedIslam.com, so please make note of it. #iStandWithBNI Continue reading

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