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ICYMI – What Matters for Thursday, January 7, 2016 – #NCpol #NCed

ICYMI – I was on the Freedom Action Network radio’s What Matters show yesterday with Chad Adams. You’ll find me at just after the 34 minute mark.

We talked about charters, Lt. Gov Forest, Common Core and Unhinged Jere Confrey.
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News and Observer Prints Another Jere Confrey Screed – #ncga #nced #stopcommoncore

File this one under: Sit down and shut, up citizen.

Jere Confrey is an “expert”. She was on the Common Core invalidation committee. She knows what is best for your children.
Gimme a break.

The News and Observer has printed another one of her little screeds. The News and Observer even let her ramble on as long as she wanted, per this text at the bottom, “The length limit was waived to permit a fuller response to the issue.”

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Three Outlets Report on ASRC Meeting; All Quote Angry Jere Confrey

The NC Common Core Commission heard from critics of the controversial standards for the first time on Monday.
Who got all the press? A very angry Jere Confrey.

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Laugh or Cry: Validation Cmte Member’s 4 Sentence Defense of Common Core

Laugh or cry? Somehow, I missed this one.
One of the Common Core Validation Committee members defended her rubber-stamp yes vote on the standards with 4 sentences in the News and Observer.

As the sole North Carolinian on the Validation Committee for the Common Core Standards in math, I studied the data, and the standards are not developmentally inappropriate; they are internationally competitive.

At a time when money is tight and we are starving out our best teachers, are we going to waste public funds and generate two years of chaos creating another set of standards for two years? Mathematics in North Carolina is no different from in any other state. The standards allow economies of scale around professional development, writing tests and developing materials, and they serve the needs of highly mobile, under-performing student populations.

This is nothing more than political maneuvering to curry to ideologues at a devastating cost to our kids.


Wow. Phone-in that list of talking points much? Did no one tell her they’ve moved on from the “politicizing” talking point she threw in as her concluding sentence?

I left a comment:’

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