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Common Core Commission won’t even consider MN Math, Yet DPI Contracts with WI on ELA – #ASRC

Jeffrey Isenhour was the member of the NC Common Core commission who was most viciously going after Dr. Ted Scheik on the math group’s recommendations.

Isenhour ridiculed, scrutinized and picked at Scheik until Scheik, an elderly gentleman, relented and changed his recommendation’s language. Isenhour then led the charge to vote down the changes that he himself just insisted on.

One of Isenhour’s biggest claims was that North Carolina shouldn’t be adopting a set of standards “wholesale” from another state without thorough vetting.

Let’s deconstruct him a bit, shall we?
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NC Media Confused By Common Core Commission Antics – #ASRC

As I had predicted, the majority of major North Carolina news media outlets showed up to the final meeting of the NC Common Core Commission meeting on Friday.

I had a chance to speak with a number of them off camera and several of them were confused about how the Commission could vote down the math recommendations when for months they had unanimously said the Common Core math was fatally flawed.

Here are links to the articles from each outlet so far:

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