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“I was embarrassed and ashamed for the way Dr. Scheick was being treated” – #ASRC

Some spectators at the final NC Common Core Commission meeting took notice when commission member Jeannie Metcalf got up, walked out and did not return.

Her departure was right after the first vote on the first set of math recommendations. Some of us in the gallery surmised that she left because of Dr. Scheik being given the third degree in a rather ugly and purpose driven way. We were right.

I asked Mrs. Metcalf what happened and if her leaving was due to what happened to Dr. Scheik during the math recommendations portion of the meeting. This was her response:

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What they’re saying about Common Core and Education in NC

Two items ran through my Twitter feed yesterday which nearly made me do a spit-take.

First, the new “nonpartisan news” non-profit, EducationNC, ran one of its first major articles. It was from the Governors Aide, Eric Guckian, titled “Every student deserves the right to reach their potential”.

Second, NPR has an article out about North Carolina and the Academic Standards Review Commission. It’s titled, “North Carolina Rethinks The Common Core”.

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NC Common Core Commission Should Bring In Stotsky, Milgram

Earlier this week, the NC Common Core Commission (known as the Academic Standards Review Commission or ASRC) held their second meeting. I live-blogged it as best I could.

The Commission heard from “experts” from the NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) on the ELA standards at the urging of the Governor’s appointee, Andre Peek.

The NC public and the NC General Assembly, as warned by Senator Tillman at the first meeting, will not stand for a rebrand or a rehash. I’d also warn against blowing off the Common Core Copyright.

I respectfully submit to the Commission that they practice the transparency and thoroughness they have been preaching, lest they be seen pulling shenanigans like we saw happen in Missouri this week.

The Commission should make immediate arrangements to hear from the experts who were involved in the Common Core at the ground level and served on the Validation committee for the standards: Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram.

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