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A Fact That Jewish Voters Cannot Deny

Wake up, Jewish Voters. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (9/6/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?

Site of the Day: Michelle Obama’s Mirror & The Lonely Conservative

LL 1885′s Picks:

“We make this possible”: 16,015,769,788,215.80
Obama Built This: Food-Stamp Use Climbs to Record – 46.7 Million
President Spendy: Obama’s deficit-attention disorder
Unexpectedly: Manufacturing another headache for U.S. economy Also: Experts Issue a Warning as Food Prices Shoot Up
Useful Spokes-idiot Carney: Obama must mislead in order to defend his record
Doing all he can without Congress: President Obama Issues Executive Order on Carbon Emissions and Industrial Efficiency
Change: Teachers rally; Lewis calls Emanuel ‘liar and bully’
Mooch’s 2nd-Term Agenda: ‘Impact Nature of Food in Grocery Stores’

Must Reads Of The Day:

Share these with your Jewish friends.

Dems. Remove Pro-Israel Language from Party Platform
Official: Obama will make Bibi pay after elections
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Israeli ambassador called GOP “dangerous for Israel”
Israeli Ambassador: Debbie Lied
DWS Caught in Web of Lies Continue reading

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The Morning Links (7/31/12)

Site of the Day: The Gateway Pundit

LL 1885′s Picks:

‘All of the above’ Energy policy: Democrats Backpedal as China Readies $15.1 Billion Canadian Oil Deal
Sharyl Attkisson: New Details In Fast And Furious Case Coming Soon.
You didn’t decide that: Obama passed on the Bin Laden kill three separate times at Jarrett’s Urging
“Smart Diplomacy”: Obama increasing aid to al Qaeda and other “rebels” to topple Syrian govt Also read: Obama’s CIA considers Israel its No. 1 counterintelligence threat in the agency’s Near East Division
President Peace Prize: Obama about to enter US in another war, this time in Mali
United Nations fails to agree landmark arms-trade treaty
Bustgate: WH Is Trying to Rewrite Recent History Now? Says Obama Didn’t Return Churchill Bust?!
Classy: First Lady lets Olympic wrestler Elena Pirozhkova pick her up at Team USA event Continue reading

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Flashback – “Jerusalem must remain the Capital of Israel and must remain undivided.”

Flashback – “Jerusalem must remain the Capital of Israel and must remain undivided.” Continue reading

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The Morning Links (5/3/12)

Tweet -of the day: Pres flew into Afghanistan at night for 7 hrs. As sun came up, Taliban gave its response 2 his Chamberlain like actions tinyurl.com/ct8gwdo— Allen West (@AllenWest) May 2, 2012

-President IDIOT: Obama Admits Negotiating With Taliban; ‘Can Be A Part Of This Future’ Related: Obama Ignores Real War On Women
-#FORWARD: US factory orders fell in March by most in 3 years
-Major Obamacare Fail: Illinois Suspends Insurance Exchange Setup
-Joe Wilson Will Always Be Right: Washington Post Rebuts Obama’s Malicious Lie
-Instapundit has multiple Secret Service Scandal Updates: hit them all here. Continue reading

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