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NCAE’s ‘Social Justice’ Caucus Teachers Block Traffic, Arrests Follow

The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) Social Justice Caucus, Organize 2020, was busy yesterday.

The teachers that make up Organize 2020 held some protests that began with around a dozen teachers making a 2-day, 20 mile walk from Durham to Raleigh. According to the N&O, the march was “co-sponsored by Organize 2020, a grassroots organizing group, CAPE, and the Education Justice Alliance.” Continue reading

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Get a Load of the Social Justice Warrior Indoctrinating Kids In Durham

Strap in, folks. This is a ‘hair on fire’ article.

Via News and Observer
Via News and Observer
On Wednesday evening, the News and Observer’s Ed blog dropped a story about a teacher at Hillside High in Durham. Go. Read. It.

The teacher’s name is Holly Jordan. I’ve actually written about this woman’s exploits before.

She apparently teachers English. She’s a full-blown social justice warrior wing-nut and it’s clear from the N& O article her mission is to indoctrinate as many kids as she can.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Hey, Remember NCAE’s ‘Member-Led’ Group? Organize 2020?

From time to time, I check back on certain stories to see what’s going on. I’ve been documenting a lot of politicking in our public schools in NC lately, so I thought I’d take a peek at Organize 2020 again.

The NCAE has claimed that Organize 2020 is their ‘member-led’ group, which the NCAE made into a caucus last year. I checked out their website. Most of it was the same, a few things changed:

One now can see the dues for their caucus which range from $5 to $35.
Mission statement is no longer front and center, but it’s still there.
NCAE is no longer hiding as their backer on petitions as they did on the Walk-In fiasco.
I noticed something on their “Actions” page that I hadn’t seen before. It probably had been there a while, but somehow I didn’t spot it before now. Under the ‘Find more information’ section on the “Actions” page the first link is: “What is Neo-liberalism?”

Uh, say what?

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