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CCSSO President’s Homeschool Tweet Sees Backlash

In yesterday’s article, CCSSO President Questions Testing For Homeschoolers, the question was posed by Dr. Atkinson that perhaps homeschoolers and private schooled children should be taking the same tests as public school children.

Here’s the original tweet:

With choice, should homeschool & private school students have to take the same tests as public school students? If no, why not? #HLR2015

— June Atkinson (@DrJuneAtkinson) January 12, 2015

This question has led to some backlash.
Better watch it, ya’ll. You might be accused of bearing false witness.

Some replies:

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CCSSO President Questions Testing For Homeschoolers

Yesterday, I reported on the Holshouser Legislators Retreat 2015. This was an invitation only event with various NC educrats, legislators, “non-profits” and businesses discussing your child’s education future without you – again.

One tweet I left out of the previous story was from the President of the Council of Chief State School Officers. Folks in North Carolina know her as the NC State Superintendent, June Atkinson.

Dr. Atkinson tweeted this question out at the Holhouser event:


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Holshouser Legislators Retreat 2015

The 2015 Governor Jim Holshouser Legislators Retreat took place yesterday. I managed to capture some of the topics via Twitter from the hashtag #HLR2015. The main theme gleaned from it appears to be your kids are “human capitol” which is the “life bud” of business:

Cheryl Oldham: Human capitol is the life bud of business. Need steady pipeline of talent & strong k-12 foundation. #HLR2015 @icwcheryl

— The Hunt Institute (@Hunt_Institute) January 12, 2015

All your kids are belong to them?

This event was by invitation only. From the Hunt Institute website:

2015 Governor Jim Holshouser Legislators Retreat
“Event attendance is by invitation only. If you have an invitation code, please enter it in the form to the right to view more information about this event.” Many NC legislators attended. Was yours there? Ask them.

Please see my Storify Article, Holshouser Legislators Retreat 2015, for more.


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