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NC Citizens Sound Off On Need For #OptOut

Over the weekend, I wrote about the fact that perhaps it was time for the #OptOut movement to take shape in North Carolina.

On Saturday, the News and Observer published an article by Mary Nelson of Guilford county. Read it here: Why NC needs an opt-out option for school testing.

Parental rights are disappearing; by virtue of your child being in public school, educrats and the state are usurping the rights of parents to direct their child’s education.

A second, related letter has been sent to me by the NC Academic Freedom Alliance. Common Core is at the root of the over-testing of our children and it will only get worse.

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Pearson Is Everywhere: Over 175k Opt Out of Pearson PARCC in NY

Welcome back to another installment of Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we looked at Pearson getting dumped by LAUSD in California.

Today, we get a look at the over 175,000 students who opted out of the Common Core PARCC test, which is created and written by Pearson.

Not only did droves of students opt out, there are reports of horrifyingly bad test questions.

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The Common Core Weekend Reads – 4-12-15

These are the Common Core Weekend Reads for April 12, 2015.

This is a review of the past week of news on Common Core nationwide and in North Carolina…


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Al ‘Resist We Much’ Sharpton Lends Us His Extensive Academic Experience On Common Core Tests

Rev. Al ‘Resist We Much’ Sharpton has summoned from his extensive experience in academics to defend Common Core’s high-stakes testing.

Yes, that’s right, we should all be listening to a man who can’t even read a teleprompter.


That sound you hear? It’s Common Core supporters cracking open a bottle of something really stiff after seeing that video and reading this article….

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Common Core: How Many Teachers And Parents Have To Leave?

Another teacher has resigned over the Common Core testing.

This time it’s the winner of the top teacher award given out by the Live With Kelly And Michael show. This time the teacher is from Ohio.

“Gasps of disbelief” accompanied her announcement.

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