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Parents, Are You Keeping Tabs on #HB401?

Last year, I wrote two articles on HB 401, Authorize Data Sharing for NCLDS, which seeks to increase student data collection and the sharing of that data with multiple North Carolina government entities.

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See the Education Bills That Made It Through #NCGA Crossover Date

Approximately 46 education related bills made it through crossover. This list has all the bills proposed, but the ones in bold are the ones that made it through. Continue reading

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Parents, Are You Watching Data Collection Expansion Bills #HB401 and #HB767?

I sounded the alarm several weeks ago on HB 401, which is titled ÔÇťAuthorize Data Sharing for NCLDS”. This bill will give multiple state agencies access to student data stored in the Statewide Longitudinal Database System (SLDS).

From what I understand, HB 401 will heard by Rules, Calendar, and Operations committee of the House tomorrow. So will a related bill, HB767 (SB560).

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Health Form Created By NC DPI, DHHS Goes ‘Far beyond’ What NC Law Requires

As previously mentioned on this blog, Parents with children entering North Carolina Public Schools for Kindergarten (as well as those entering schools for the first time for any grade) in the state will be required to fill out an invasive “health assessment” form.

Currently, House Bill 13 proposes to make this health assessment part of a child’s permanent record. It will be included in the state longitudinal database system, of which another bill (HB 401) will make that data accessible by multiple state agencies.

Lindalyn Kakadelis, over at John Locke, has posted an an article talking about this exact health assessment. In her article, she chronicles how her own daughter went to enroll her child into Kindergarten and had to deal with this form.

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#HB401 Seeks To Increase Data Collection, Access to Student Information

In an age where data and identities are routinely stolen and parents worry about their child’s information being passed around online, legislatures should be looking to lessen data collection and sharing, not expand it.

Yesterday, HB 401 was filed at the North Carolina General Assembly. This bill has some rather unsettling aspects to it with regard to access and collection of student data. Continue reading

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