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OpLGBT DDOS Attack On A NC Big Flop?

Multiple outlets reported that an alleged portion of Anonymous has attacked North Carolina servers over the facilities privacy bill, HB2.

The report was of DDOS attacks on various North Carolina government servers as IB Times notes:

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Your Child’s Data Is Safe… They Said. #WCPSS Student Hacks Powerschool Multiple Times.

So, a student has been arrested for hacking into a Wake county school to change his grade
He did it multiple times…. MULTIPLE.

But your child’s data is safe… they said. Continue reading

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What They’re Saying In NC Education – WE 11/6/15 #NCed

Some education news from around North Carolina and beyond.

Included this week, but not limited to: Bus driver walk out, hacking, student safety, transgender push, and faulty logic on education issues from a political non-profit.

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Pearson Is Everywhere: Data Security Worries

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at Protests, Financial Advice and Powerschool.

Today, we find that Pearson is worried about the security of their data. Continue reading

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Pearson Is Everywhere: MN Tests Get Hacked Edition

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we saw that Over 175k Opted Out of Pearson PARCC in NY.

Today, we’re looking at Minnesota’s tests being hacked, causing the testing to be temporarily canceled. The attack was a DDoS (denial of service) attack.


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USSC.Gov Hacked By Anonymous

In my inbox this morning from a reader: I attempted to go to the site and was sent to a “website not found” type redirect from my provider instead of to the United States Sentencing Commission. It would appear that … Continue reading

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