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About That NC Educator Survey On Guns

This survey was fundamentally flawed from the get-go, as the link to the survey was open to more than just educators. In addition, anyone using an incognito web window could take the survey as many times as they wanted. Continue reading

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Violence and Blame: Reactions, Relations and Prevention

Homicide is the act of a human being causing the death of another human being. The words ‘only a gun’ can accomplish this act are not found in this definition, nor does it state that an object other the human being is to blame. It is just that simple. Continue reading

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#Occupy – Suicide by Cop Attempt Ignored By MSM

Mostly peaceful except when trying to get cops to kill you. Did you see this story on the national news back in December 2011? Nope. No images of an occupier waving a gun around a public area whatsoever. If the guy had been a Tea Party member you would have though.

The video is a bit disturbing, but a testament to the efficiency of our police officers:


From the Houston Chronicle:

Joshua Anthony Twohig, the 21-year-old Houston man who was shot by police after shooting into the air at a downtown Occupy Houston rally last month, was trying to commit suicide by cop, his attorney said Friday.

“He was out there all by himself,” George Parnham said after Twohig was arraigned. “And, quite frankly, tried to commit suicide by cop and was almost successful.”

State District Judge Maria Jackson arraigned Twohig on one charge of aggravated assault on a public servant. The first-degree felony carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. He remains in the Harris County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Twohig survived being shot twice by police Nov. 21 after opening fire at Tranquility Park with a .40-caliber rifle.

Twohig, who was not associated with the Occupy Houston movement, went to the park about 5:00 p.m. in a black suit, authorities said.

Witnesses said Twohig shouted, “Shoot me, shoot me” to HPD officers who arrived at the scene. A video captured by a witness shows Twohig holding the rifle to his head.

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