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Students ‘Walked Out’ As NC School Threats Continue

School threats are the new “Me Too” and still going on at a steady rate in North Carolina despite the recent ‘walk out’. I’ve been keeping track of school threats for the last month or so.

Here’s the latest set of NC school threats, one of which ironically kept students from participating in the ‘walk out’.  Also, stay with me as I cover Roy Cooper’s latest stunt. Continue reading

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Durham Councilwoman’s Comments On Guns Not That Shocking – #ncpol

Many outlets, including The Blaze, are running a story about remarks made on Facebook by Durham Councilwoman Jillian Johnson.

Johnson’s comments about guns are not that shocking if you have a clue who she is and what she stands for. Does no one Google anymore?

Johnson is no stranger to protests and arrests. She’s an activist first and foremost. Continue reading

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Parents, On gun control teach your kids about reality, not rhetoric

A look at the Reality and the Rhetoric around gun control, background checks and mental illness.
Who decides what illnesses are used? What criteria?

Read on….
Like most parents with children in school, I worry about what they are learning and doing all day. I also worry about their safety. Violence and crime in schools is on the rise and I’ve written about the troubling fight incidents going on in my own school district.

Like other parents, I also worry about the idea of a shooter coming into my kid’s school. Schools are the ultimate soft target. They are largely unguarded, especially elementary schools and middle schools.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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Violence And Blame: Hypocrisy – Part Three

A three part series by Liberty Speaks

Violence and Blame
Part Three: Hypocrisy

In the wake of these shootings where do we go from here? Which path do we take to escape such unsolicited gratuitous evil? Who or what do we blame for the actions of an individual that disrupts our society in a manner that is contrary and hostile to our beliefs? Continue reading

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Violence & Blame: Surviving and Hypocrisy Part Two

Three shooters that are the subject of this second installment of a three-part series are Jared Lee Loughner, John Hyde, and Duc Mihn Pham. All three used a firearm to shoot to kill or wound,  all three suffered from mental illness, and all three showed warning signs prior to their acts. Continue reading

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NC Legislature Moves To Protect NC Schools

Gun control is all we hear about this days. A lot of lip service being paid at the national level, meanwhile at the state level some legislatures are acting. Case in point, North Carolina’s General Assembly has two bills in … Continue reading

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ABC Mocks Gun Buyers

Is it possible, ABC, that Obama is THE reason and that he and his DOJ with their attempt to gin up gun control support with their botched, murder-filled Fast and Furious operation are to the main and really only reason behind this surge? Continue reading

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