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Chair of State Board of Ed Goes All In For… Kasich. – #NCpol

Over at Jones and Blount, there is a story up about NC Board of Education Chairman, Bill Cobey, going all in for John Kasich in the Presidential race.

I don’t want to ever hear how NCSBE Chair Bill Cobey is a “Conservative” again.

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Dan Pfeiffer Made Me Laugh.

Dan Pfeiffer’s made me laugh…. Continue reading

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Bush Attempts To Dodge Common Core In First Debate

Last night was the 1st GOP debate for the 2016 election cycle with 10 guys up on the FOX news debate stage.

I’ve got a LinkFest and Best Lines/Zingers articles up over at ConMom for those who want to see more about what went on. In general, there was not nearly enough education discussion last night, but with 10 people and a lot of topics to cover it might be understandable.

However. Common Core came up. This article is all about Jeb Bush and his Common Core dodge last night. Continue reading

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REMINDER: Bush, Kasich and Huckabee Are Still Unicorn Lovers

This is just a friendly reminder, that Mike Huckabee along with Jeb Bush and his stalking horse, John Kasich are still fans of mocking parents and citizens who oppose Common Core.

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Kasich Goes to SC, Insults Millions

Ohio Governor John Kasich was recently in South Carolina. Kasich talked about all kinds of hot button issues — immigration, budget, Islamic state, gun rights.

The one topic he tried to dodge is the one thing that is going to characterize his visit: Common Core.

“That is not something that Barack Obama is putting together. … It’s local school boards developing local curriculum to meet higher standards. I cannot figure out what’s wrong with that. …


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Common Core: How Many Teachers And Parents Have To Leave?

Another teacher has resigned over the Common Core testing.

This time it’s the winner of the top teacher award given out by the Live With Kelly And Michael show. This time the teacher is from Ohio.

“Gasps of disbelief” accompanied her announcement.

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Dear John Kasich…

Ohio Governor John Kasich has 2016 presidential aspirations and was on FOX news this past Sunday, where he towed the pro-Common Core line. See the video clip.

In the interview on FOX, Kasich accused Conservatives of using Common Core to score political points. Kasich also runs with the Obama canard: Continue reading

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