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ICYMI – Google Pumped 250K into SPLC’s Education Propaganda Arm

Over at PJ Media, there’s a lengthy report about the misadventures in RICO and defamation lawsuits by Google and the Southern Poverty Law Center.¬† Continue reading

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Parental Rights & Student Data Privacy Being Trampled By Silicon Valley Tech Cult

Across the country, schools are using a ‘free’ app that is harvesting personal information about their students and the vast majority of parents have zero clue about it. Time for that to change. Continue reading

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Media Matters Exposed: Manipulating Facebook, Google

David Brock’s Media Matters is making sure what you see on Facebook and Google is what he wants you to see.

In a playbook memo leaked earlier this year by the Washington Free Beacon, the Media Matters strategy for attacking President Trump was exposed.  Included in the playbook was the way in which Media Matters outlines how the group is manipulating what people see on social media. Continue reading

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FOX / Google GOP 9/22 Debate Rundown

I think I have debate fatigue. The first round of questions annoyed me. Not the questions themselves, but the lack of ANSWERS to them. There was a lot of rabble-rabble campaign type replies and very few pieces of meat in there. Continue reading

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It’s all out there. ALL of it.

The tool that also collects our data also is a great way to spread the message about it.

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