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Dear @TheBlaze and @GlennBeck, I Have a Scott Walker Question for You

Last July, I went to The Blaze studios to be a panel member of We Will Not Conform, a live Common Core event shown in movie theaters across the country.

Multiple aspects of Common Core were discussed, including political and election implications. For many citizens, especially parents fighting Common Core, being squishy on the topic is a deal breaker.

I have a question for Mr. Beck….

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Hey Beck, Get Off My Lawn

Mr. Beck needs to get off our lawns… or more specifically, off our 50 Shades. Continue reading

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Support FOX & Glenn Beck

MediaMatters.org and StopBeck.com are waging a war on FOX news and Glenn Beck. It is important to note that both of these organizations are funded by the Tides Foundation. Why is that important? The Tides Foundation = George Soros. If … Continue reading

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