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NH Radio Host Takes Fordham’s Brickman To The Woodshed

Here in NC, we’re well versed in the Common Core song and dance routing of Fordham’s Michael Brickman. He thinks NC standards before Common Core ‘sucked’. New Hampshire is getting to know Brickman as well. Apparently, New Hampshire’s standards ‘sucked’ too. Radio Host Richard Girard of the Girard at Large radio show on WLMW took Brickman to task recently.

oh noes cat gates studyI’ve got the audio below and the transcript. Bear with me on the transcript, I used a service for part of it but had to fix some of what the transcription got wrong. The interview and wrap-up runs about 20 or so minutes and is well worth it. Girard’s commentary after Brickman is off the air is not to be missed! The Girard at Large characterizes it as feisty, but I think Girard took Brickman to the woodshed here.

* Big hat tip to Missouri Education Watchdog’s Gretchen Logue, who sent this interview my way. Great find! Missouri has had plenty of run-ins with Mr. Brickman. Continue reading

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