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Facebook Fail: Crowder Video vs Zimmerman Hate Pages

Facebook recently pulled Steven Crowder’s video about the Zimmerman trial, claiming it violated their policies. This is not the first time in recent memory this has happened to Conservatives. Todd Starnes and Chicks on the Right also have encountered this.

The Blaze on Crowder’s video:

Comedian Steven Crowder is known for his comical — and, often times, edgy — viral videos. Keeping up with current events as he typically does, the performer posted a video on Facebook last week surrounding the George Zimmerman trial. Little did he know that the social media platform would inevitably ban the clip, citing a “hate speech” violation.

So the video was a hate speech violation? Dear Facebook, you’re rife with hypocrisy. Mind explaining how you can ban a video mocking trial testimony when these hate pages exist?: Continue reading

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The Morning Links (8/31/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?

Site of the Day: National Review Online

LL 1885′s Picks:

What poll bias?: $50 Million Government Polling Contract with Gallup Attracts Scrutiny
Just give people guns Fast & Furious style: State Dept. Offers Cash For Help With Arms Control
Unexpectedly: Initial Claims Miss For Third Week In A Row To Highest in Six Weeks
No Surprise: U.S. Corporate Taxes Driving Businesses Abroad
Rules for Wives of Radicals: Michelle O’s Alinsky Connection Is Through Barack
Repulsive Indeed: Newly Released Emails Reveal how Obama Backed bin Laden Film to ‘Bask in the Glory’ and Win Reelection
Obama has no soul: Parents of Fallen SEAL Members got FORM LETTERS From Obama – Not Even Personally Signed By Him

Must Reads Of The Day:

Obama documentary ‘2016: Obama’s America’ soaring at box office
Video: Information is Being Withheld Continue reading

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The Morning Links (7/12/12)

LL1885’s Picks:
Bring it: U.N. Prepares Arms Trade Treaty That Threatens Second Amendment Rights
Doing all he can without Congress: Homeland Security gains more power through executive order
And now will be blocked by Reid in the Senate: ObamaTax Repeal Vote Passes House: 240 to 182
Don’t tread on me: Obama’s DHS Continues to Target Conservatives & Liberty Lovers As Terrorists (Video)
Pandering: Obama Seeks 2013 Tax Cuts Within Limits
Narrative Fail: CBO: Wealthy Americans Pay More Than Their Fair Share Of Taxes, Lost Most In Recession
Video: Fact Checking the Tax-Cut Debate
But of course they did: Democrats block Senate vote on Obama tax plan
2010 was a warm up: Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide
President Outsourcer: Obama: “A record of failure spanning the globe” Related: No, Romney is not outsourcing jobs but Obama Motors is
GREEN fail: Failure of Serious Energy is a ‘BFD’ for Obama and His Chicago Cronies
Going Galt: Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare Related: Report: Thousands fled Canada for health care in 2011 Continue reading

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The Morning Links (5/24/12)

The Five Charts You MUST Show Every Undecided Voter You Know
Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket – Check!
Pay Up, Suckers
Anonymous: We hacked DOJ emails, database Pentagon, CIA, White House opened up to Hollywood on bin Laden raid – but we still can’t see the pictures
Judicial Watch investigates Hollywood meeting with White House on OBL
Obama’s Close Friend, Mass Gov. Deval Patrick, throws Obama under the Bain Bus Continue reading

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The Morning Links (5/11/12)

About That Drop In Unemployment Claims
Obama threatens to veto DOJ budget because it blocks Fast and Furious gun control law
DOJ Punishing Obama’s Enemies Again
Fewer dogs for Obama to eat
6 Years to gain ‘Operational Control’ over 13% of our border
Instapundit: $34.5 Million for 183 Jobs. Yep, another Green company. Continue reading

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