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Facebook Fail: Crowder Video vs Zimmerman Hate Pages

Facebook recently pulled Steven Crowder’s video about the Zimmerman trial, claiming it violated their policies. This is not the first time in recent memory this has happened to Conservatives. Todd Starnes and Chicks on the Right also have encountered this.

The Blaze on Crowder’s video:

Comedian Steven Crowder is known for his comical — and, often times, edgy — viral videos. Keeping up with current events as he typically does, the performer posted a video on Facebook last week surrounding the George Zimmerman trial. Little did he know that the social media platform would inevitably ban the clip, citing a “hate speech” violation.

So the video was a hate speech violation? Dear Facebook, you’re rife with hypocrisy. Mind explaining how you can ban a video mocking trial testimony when these hate pages exist?: Continue reading

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Martin /Zimmerman Trial Case Updates

This thread will serve to track the charges, trial and media coverage for George Zimmerman and case related stories as of April 15th, 2012. Newest updates appear first. All prior updates that I’ve tracked can be found here. December 6 … Continue reading

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The Martin/Zimmerman Chronicle Thread

Tracking the Media circus, exploitation, finger pointing and more regarding the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Continue reading

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Hey DOJ – Do Your Job!

Where Is The DOJ On The New Black Panthers ‘$10k Bounty’?

In Obama’s America, you can put a bounty on the head of a citizen and not be touched apparently. Continue reading

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Raleigh NAACP & Occupy Jump On Trayvon Martin Bandwagon

Even as more is coming out on this story that conflicts with the original narrative the mainstream media tried to sell us, the “rallies” keep popping up.

WRAL is not reporting anything about John Edwards and the Madam/Prostitution ring story that broke late last week, but they are running with a story on Trayvon Martin. I noticed that WRAL is using the same old picture of Trayvon Martin with the story instead of the updated ones circulating. The article features NC’s own NAACP useful idiot, Reverend Barber, and a mention of Occupy Raleigh’s candle lit vigil for Martin. Continue reading

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