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GED, Common Core to Blame for Denkins?

I recently wrote about the Akiel Denkins shooting and over the weekend, a reader of the blog pointed me at a very lengthy article in the News and Observer about him.

The article is very long but the narrative throughout is that people knew Denkins was no angel but the reader is supposed to feel bad for him anyway. I feel bad when anyone loses their life, however if you’re going to sell drugs, run from cops and brandish a weapon at police… it sounds awful, but my sympathies are tempered somewhat there.

Having said that, it is quite possible this guy had no chance and that other avenues were cut off. I’ll explain.

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Pearson Is Everywhere: 2014 GED Results Show 90% Drop In Passage Rate

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we learned that the FBI seized documents related to technology devices (iPads) at LAUSD and were investigating the possibility of fraud in relation to the contracts.

Today, we’re looking at the crash and burn of the GED test scores after Pearson and American Council On Education (ACE) took it over, re-wrote the test and made it ‘Common Core Aligned’. Not only was the content ‘aligned, but so was the method. GED test takers now have to do it online. The result has been a catastrophic drop in the passage rate.

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WI Legislators Using Pro-Core Excuses

So, this past week, Scott Walker called for the Wisconsin legislature to repeal Common Core. It was a straightforward request. The answers he’s getting back are less straightforward. In fact, we’re seeing pro-Core talking point parroting going on. See if these excuses sound familiar: Continue reading

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Common Core Repeal Bill Placed On Calendar 7-10-14

The Common Core bill that was placed in a conference committee has been placed on the Senate calendar for Thursday, July 10th.
It would appear the final version scraps the substitute put in place by the House. That substitute replaced the language of SB 812 with that of HB 1061. The letter from the conference committee states, “Delete the entire House Committee Substitute Favorable 6/23/14, Fifth edition engrossed 6/23/14 and substitute the attached Proposed Conference Committee Substitute S812-PCCS35584-TL-3.”
Boiled down, we are back to the language of SB 812.

Latest version: S812-PCCS35584-CSTL-3
Conference Committee letter: S812-CR-NBC-676
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Common Core Aligned: The GED

I had recently written how ACT was moving to a new test, ASPIRE, which is Common Core aligned. I mentioned the impact this would have on Homeschoolers and online learners opting out of public schools due to Common Core. Here is another hit on those same groups. Starting this year, 2014, The GED is now Common Core aligned. Continue reading

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Common Core Aligned: NY Dumping GED For “TASC”

New York, embroiled in Common Core and high stakes testing protests, is making plans to dump the GED (General Education Development) test in favor of a Common Core aligned one. The powers that be are trying to force keeping Common Core using the testing. In essence, forcing students depending on tests like the GED to comply with Common Core and creating a funnel-like monopoly. One has to realize the impact on Homeschoolers or online learners with this move.

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