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#DNCLeaks: NYC Gay Power Couple Hosts Fundraiser for NC’s Roy Cooper

As previously reported by this site, North Carolina’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper, was mentioned in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails leaked by WikiLeaks.

In the previously reported emails, several DNC officials, who also provide event coordination via various companies for Democrat events, helped facilitate a meeting between Goldman Sachs employees and a top Obama Super PAC contributor.

Roy Cooper’s name appears a second time in the leaked DNC emails. This time it is a fundraiser event hosted by a gay power couple in New York City. Continue reading

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Is it Rep. Sgro or Executive Director Sgro? – #hb2

Yesterday I highlighted a conflict of situation with a LGBT activist who was installed as a Representative at the North Carolina General Assembly.

I forgot to include a hilarious fundraising email I got from him on May 3rd wherein Equality NC uses DONALD TRUMP to push back against HB2. Continue reading

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#NCSen: Hagan Pulls A Triple Lindy On Obamacare; Fundraises While Hiding From NCians

North Carolina’s Senator Kay Hagan went dark for nine days during the shut down.
Hagan went dark again over the few past weeks while Americans coast to coast, including North Carolinians, wrestled with Obamacare roll out failures, canceled policies and skyrocketing rates.
Hagan only came out of hiding yesterday evening to tweet what she refused to say during the shut down — well, sort of. Instead of a delay, she’s calling for “extended enrollment”.

That’s not just flip-flopping — that’s a Triple Lindy. Continue reading

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#NCSEN: Hagan’s Hypocritical Fundraising

This morning, the Daily Haymaker is running a story called ‘Kay Hagan Takes Manhattan’. My first thought reading the title was of Muppets. I wasn’t far off the mark.


Yes, my friends. If you’re contemplating a run for one of North Carolina’s US Senate seats, the first thing that comes to mind — *naturally* — is heading out of state to campaign. We’ve documented the fact that Thom Tillis took off for DC the first chance he got. Now, it appears that our very own Kay Hagan — affectionately known in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ – has, like Green Acres’ Eva Gabor, fallen in love with Park Avenue:

Well, well, well… Kay’s hitting up NY Democrats for money? Not really shocked, but it’s definitely worth pointing out her hypocrisy again. You see, Kay is wringing her hands over outside money in NC elections. Especially money that isn’t going to her.

From my inbox just yesterday: Continue reading

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Will Wake County School Board Turn Nanny?

Schools all over the country rely on fundraising drives to support their sports teams, music activities and more. Many schools opt to raise money through candy sales. Wake County schools are no different, but the School Health Advisory Council has issued a recommendation to the Wake County school board to end the practice.

It is worth noting that the School Health Advisory Council is housed under the Advocates for Health In Action, which has been a large advocate for First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ initiative.

ABC 11 reports: Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Ah, yes. Elevating the Office of the President on Jimmy Fallon’s show while breaking campaign law at the same time. Another first! It’s right up there with all his stints on The View. So dignified. Small wonder his college tour is what the kids these days call “Fail Sauce”. A cool Prez like him knows that he has to ramp up his #WarOnStudents in order to win back some of the youth vote that is currently camped out at Occupy down the street from the White House. Continue reading

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Obama, Clooney And You – Updated

Obama, Clooney and You…. Two Clowns and You? Same thing. Continue reading

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