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Great Moments In FORWARD: Avoiding The WH Press Corps.

Perhaps Team Obama saw the report on the decline of News outlet credibility and are tailoring their press engagements around that, or it could be Team Obama realizes people have woken up and are acknowledging that the media is in the tank for him. Probably a bit of both.

I can hardly wait for President Kardashian to cue up another interview with The View or try out his hand with Perez Hilton next. At any rate, from the cover, it looks like Newsweek won’t be getting an interview anytime soon. Continue reading

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FLOTUS Fundraises in Raleigh, NC on Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day

The only reason I knew the FLOTUS was in Raleigh was a report by ABC-11 that caught my eye. The big story today was Chik-Fil-A and the huge support shown to them with lines of cars and people all day long wherever the chain has stores. Only 2,200 showed up for her big FORWARD stump speech in Greensboro. Kind of sad to be upstaged by chicken. Maybe that was a good thing though, given her sporting some prison striped frock. The other outfit was a mustard yellow and black print number – not unlike the other drapery style dresses we’ve seen on her so often. But I digress…
The FLOTUS was well taken care of in Raleigh though, Bev Perdue II since Lt. Governor Walter Dalton was there and pretty excited. We’ll have to take his word there were a lot of people and a lot of enthusiasm since no the press was kept out. According to the video that accompanies the story, there were about 400 people there (again, we don’t know for sure since press weren’t let inside) and that it cost anywhere between $250 to $50,000 a plate.

Here’s a snippet of ABC 11’s report, emphasis mine: Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Just when you think Obama can’t stoop any lower, he does. Well, of course he does! He’s very flexible after all that bowing, you know. (Image) Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Fresh off the heels of their latest Boomerang attack on Romney, The Volokh Conspiracy has something to add:

Over 30% of Obama’s 2009-2011 gross income came from Foreign Sources.

I find it strange that the Obama campaign would be making so much of Romney’s income from foreign sources when Obama’s foreign source income appears to be a much bigger percentage of his income over the last few years. Of course, one can’t tell for sure because Mitt Romney has not released his 2009 tax return. Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Romney ‘most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon’

Excuse me while I finish laughing and wiping the tears from my eyes. Whew. That’s hilarious. This Administration is so desperate and myopic, it’s now lampooning itself almost daily. Continue reading

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Another Great Moment in #FORWARD Pandering

A new bumper sticker from the Obama campaign. Oh. The. Pandering. Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Huh. Imagine that! Obama paying people to protest his opponent. Apparently there aren’t people who believe in The One that are willing to do it for free. At least not in this economy. Seems to me Team Obama is taking a page out of the Union book here. Continue reading

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