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No, North Carolina Did Not Get Rid Of Common Core

There has been a rash of people claiming North Carolina, among other states, got rid of Common Core and that our standards are once again a mess.  This is not even remotely true. Continue reading

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NH Radio Host Takes Fordham’s Brickman To The Woodshed

Here in NC, we’re well versed in the Common Core song and dance routing of Fordham’s Michael Brickman. He thinks NC standards before Common Core ‘sucked’. New Hampshire is getting to know Brickman as well. Apparently, New Hampshire’s standards ‘sucked’ too. Radio Host Richard Girard of the Girard at Large radio show on WLMW took Brickman to task recently.

oh noes cat gates studyI’ve got the audio below and the transcript. Bear with me on the transcript, I used a service for part of it but had to fix some of what the transcription got wrong. The interview and wrap-up runs about 20 or so minutes and is well worth it. Girard’s commentary after Brickman is off the air is not to be missed! The Girard at Large characterizes it as feisty, but I think Girard took Brickman to the woodshed here.

* Big hat tip to Missouri Education Watchdog’s Gretchen Logue, who sent this interview my way. Great find! Missouri has had plenty of run-ins with Mr. Brickman. Continue reading

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Arnold on NCSPIN: Your donations will go to push Common Core

Former NC General Assembly member and board member of NC Schools Public Forum went on NCSPIN and talked about Common Core. What we heard was the same talking points coming out of the NC Chamber. In fact, Arnold would go on to say the Chamber will use political donations as a threat in order to force keeping Common Core. Keep reading, we’ll get to the clips from the show.

This set of pro-Common Core talking points used by Arnold is unsurprising for a few reasons. For one thing, Arnold is a board member of Public School Forum NC, which is partnered with the NC Chamber of Commerce. Another reason being that Chambers of Commerce and Business groups in multiple states all bought the Common Core sales job.

The NC Chamber’s Education Foundation has just such an initiative called “Hire Standards”. The NC Chamber’s Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) according to their site and 990 forms. The Education Foundation received $25,000 from the NC Chamber in 2012 according to their Schedule 1 in their 990 tax filing. 2013 is not available yet, but a good guess is the amount is larger. Make no mistake, “Hire Standards” is a who’s who of pro-Common Core, including the owners of the copyrighted standards, The CCSSO — of which State Superintendent Atkinson is now President-elect. Conflict of interest anyone?

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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NC Replacing Common Core Means Leading, Not Following

“The biggest fallacy of the Common Core standards is that they have been sold to the nation without any evidence that they will accomplish what their boosters claim.” – Diane Ravitch

The next biggest fallacy is that somehow states pulling out won’t be able to replace the Common Core with something better. There will always be something better — that is, unless you’re a state locked into a copyrighted set of standards controlled by outside entities. To be clear, Common Core Standards are a race to the middle. This is what Common Core supporters are bracing for next: states who pull out and put together superior standards which include continual and best practices integration.

The question that should be turned back on the Common Core supporters is: How can we NOT do better?

Quickly,a look at two of the latest Common Core talking points regarding replacement and then a closing argument. Continue reading

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Common Core Cabal’s New Shutuppery Tactic

Question: What do the legislators complaining about the removal of Common Core in NC have in common with Gates’ paid mouthpiece from Fordham Institute? Continue reading

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Corrections to Common Core’s Strange Bedfellows

It seems NC Policy Watch can no longer ignore the Common Core Controversy and have finally written about it. Not a bad stab at it and I was impressed to see the tie in with the financial incentives that went on in the adoption being mentioned, but there are some corrections and deeper explanations to be made. See below. Continue reading

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