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Media Can’t Even Leave Christmas Decorations Alone

Christmas decorations are the latest attack on the Trump White House by media. Continue reading

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Say What?

Brace yourself, people. You are entering the world of Jackwagons gone wild. Say What? is a series of quotes that I collect as I go about my daily business of deciphering the “news”. I take no responsibility for any keyboards or monitors you may ruin in the course of reading this column. There is also bound to be NSFW language along the way, consider yourself warned. Be sure to look for link Easter Eggs as you go. Please keep your head and arms inside the ride at all times. Enjoy!
In Total Denial Edition Continue reading

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The Morning Links (3/1/12)

ANOTHER GreenFail: Solar Firm That Got $400 Million Taxpayer Loan From Obama Lays Off 180 Of Its 400 Workers
Too big to fail: Obamas Hidden $18B Gift to GM: Stuffing Dealer Inventories and GMs Biggest Profit in 100 Year History More: The Other GM Bailout
Government Motors = Govt Sales: Car sales booming, factories hiring more workers
He can buy one in November: Obama vows to buy a Chevy Volt in five years
Punish your enemies: Obama Pulls Texas Medicaid Funds Over Planned Parenthood De-Funding
Doing all he can without Congress: Obama Skirts Deadlock by Using Executive Power to Favor Allies Continue reading

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FLOTUS Hits NC Friday

I hope the military families and Tea Party give her the reception she deserves, given that her husband has decided to trash Tricare – Washington Free Beacon: Continue reading

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The Morning Links (1/31/12 )

Fast & Furious: New Emails Suggest Eric Holder Perjured Himself | PJ Media Continue reading

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