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FL Governor’s EO ‘Removing’ Common Core Is A Nice Gesture

Florida’s new Governor Ron DeSantis has said he will issue an Executive Order (EO) to remove Common Core. That’s a nice gesture but means nothing unless the Florida legislature and department of education act on it. Continue reading

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Heartland Article: Florida County’s Lawmakers Back Down from Uber Fight

The following is reprint from my Heartland Magazine article.

Florida County’s Lawmakers Back Down from Uber Fight Continue reading

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Video: Parents In FL Shut Down When They Criticize Curriculum

Free speech in Jeb Bush’s faux educational utopia, Florida.

Zero Hedge has an article that includes video of parents speaking out at a Naples, Florida schoolboard workshop being shut down by the school board as they spoke out against curriculum and textbooks.


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Just A Reminder, Opportunity Scholarships Are Not Out Of The Woods

North Carolina has an ongoing lawsuit over the General Assembly’s Opportunity Scholarships. The idea behind these scholarships is that the parents of children who meet a particular income threshold can apply for a grant or scholarship to spend at the school of their choice.

Be kind, hit the Lady’s tip jar! Continue reading

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FL Teachers Union Takes Hit Over School Choice

A Florida judge dealt a blow to a teachers union and their allies in the state trying to end the state’s thirteen year-old Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program according to the Daily Signal. Continue reading

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