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Complaint Against WCPSS Has Blueprint NC Fingerprints

Yesterday, I noted that Al Jazeera had taken interest in the arrests of eight young people after a water balloon fight occurred at Enloe High School in Wake county. In the end, that article circled back to discuss that perhaps this would tie in to the racial discipline quota the Department of Justice was proposing as reported by The Daily Caller. I somehow missed the text of the complaint filed by the DOJ on Wednesday. It is an example of what the Daily Caller reported.

When I dug deeper, what I found was a youth group being taught how to protest that is supported by a who’s who of the Left in NC and with ties to Blueprint NC. Continue reading

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Occupy 2.0: ALF-CIO NC and FLOC

North Carolina is riddled with overlapping Left leaning organizations. As I wrote in Occupy 2.0: NC’s Triangle Jobs For Justice, the SEIU is helping to create and organize social justice outfits around the country and here in North Carolina.

They are not alone in their endeavors. The AFL-CIO of North Carolina has become involved in a project called FLOC – Farm Labor Organizing Committee. The President of which is Baldemar Velasquez. Continue reading

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