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Hillary Clinton’s Positions on Education in 2008 vs 2015 (video)

In case you missed it — Hillary Clinton came out defending the Common Core while on the campaign trail last week.

Clinton was attempting to ‘listen to average Iowans’.

Maybe she should listen to herself… from 2008. Continue reading

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FLASHBACK: It’s Not Rape-Rape (Video)

Liberals like to redefine things to suit their purpose of the moment. Flashback to 2009 via Fire Andrea Mitchell:

Hey, it’s not rape-rape! All is well.

Right now, Liberals and Team Obama are desperately trying to jump on the heads of the GOP over the next social issue: Abortion.

Todd Akin gave them their ‘in’ and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth. Yes, what he said was pretty dumb. Bear in mind if he were a Democrat saying something dumb, that would garner him a Vice President slot. So, to those of you paying attention to the President’s penchant for shiny objects and distractions, promoted so well by his lapdog media — please remind those obsessing over this that unemployment is still 8.3%, gas is still rising and that our debt is headed towards $16 trillion.

Some examples of the “head jumping” were in my inbox this morning. Two emails were waiting for me that took advantage of the Akin abortion comments circus. One was from Sandra Fluke called ” Legitimate Rape”, the text as follows: Continue reading

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Flashback: Promises, Promises…

You made America.. Promises, Promises. Knowing we’d believe. Promises, Promises. You knew you’d never keep. Continue reading

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