WCPSS: Eat Your Peas For $45 more Bucks a Year

WCPSS finally seeing the impact of Michelle Obama’s nasty tasting school food. Kids are buying school meals less and less, which to WCPSS means raising prices…

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First Hamburglar ditches ‘Let’s Move’; Children Rejoice

Via White House Dossier: Let’s Stop! Michelle Abandons “Let’s Move” Campaign Excerpt:

Michelle’s exit from the Let’s Move campaign coincided with growing reports and a widely circulated satirical video alleging that the new food guidelines were leaving children hungry. The bad publicity clashed with President Obama’s efforts to stir support among young voters for his candidacy. Many of Obama’s campaign events were held at high schools – presumably among students who might have been attending rallies on relatively empty stomachs.

Anyone who has followed my blog for the last few years knows my abject disdain for the First Hamburglar and her mythological Food Deserts. I doubt she’s totally dropped ‘Let’s Move’ bit and fully expect to see her focus become an all out assault on restaurants and food sellers.

Before anyone gets their panties is in a twist and screams, “What do you have against healthy eating!? You must want kids to be fat and I bet you punch kittens too!”, let me explain something: I am all for healthy eating, raising awareness and educational drives — but forcing businesses to become extensions of a Liberal Nanny state is nothing more than political correctness in physical form. Now hear this, Mrs. Obama — I will decide what I put in my body or what my kids eat. Period. Perhaps you should do the same.



Checking my Mooch Crystal Boob Belt Ball, I predict:

A push at restaurants for smaller portions (but they will charge us the same anyway), lowered salt in food, lowered fat in food, limits on soda. She’s already made it happen at Disney World, strong armed the Darden food chain and bullied McDonald’s… why not expand?

Food sellers like grocery stores and big box clubs offering groceries (Wal-Mart, Target etc) will get squeezed too. Watch her demand limiting various junk foods, cookies, chips and other goodies. This of course cuts into the bottom line of the store and of the manufacturers of such items, which in turn costs you and I more at the stores *allowed* to carry them or who defy The High Priestess of the Food Desert.

Not to be left out: Farms. Her husband has already caused some havoc there and I am sure FLOTUS is up to the task of finishing the job. Guns schmunz. Control the food, control the populace. (Also Read: Obama Admin announces “Rural Council” ) Continue reading

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I Like Pie

Let Me Eat Pie!
The rest of you, not so much.

Fresh on the heels of locking Disney into one of her Food Police cells, the First Hamburglar is off to have some pie. The rest of us can eat our carrots. Dressed like a bag of bulging cotton candy, she was hard to miss although I am sure some tried. Continue reading

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Cringe-worthy Mooch

Their party and union pals go down in flames in Wisconsin and she’s out doing Letterman’s top 10 list in yet another ugly dress. Figures. Continue reading

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First Hamburglar Strikes Again; Soda Ban Praise, Mickey Mouse Eats Carrots

You know… life is about choices and when you’re on vacation with an already picky eater, the choice to pile on some french fries should be a no brainer. I don’t go to Disney for the food. I don’t think anyone does. Especially when they charge $9 bucks for a hamburger with packaged grapes? Jeez! I go for the rides, the characters and the smiles it all brings to my kids faces. I see what Disney is trying to do there and I don’t knock them for it, but they need to remember what their about and it’s not restricting our eating. Continue reading

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The Lady’s Stories – 2011

LL 1885’s Stories of 2011 President Zero. President Downgrade. Protests. Riots. The Left unhinged. 2011 had a lot of violence and rhetoric. As a proponent and ardent supporter of the First Amendment, I find that to be a good thing…until … Continue reading

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I Am Not McLovin’ It.

From The Telegraph UK: “McDonald’s has been praised by Michelle Obama after announcing it will automatically include a portion of fruit in children’s Happy Meals and reduce servings of French fries.” Translation: McDonalds Caved to Michelle Obama. For more than … Continue reading

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